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A New Chapter for the
Marine Photobank

For more than 10 years the Marine Photobank has proudly served the ocean conservation community with a wealth of free, high-quality images. It all started as a vision had by photographer and ocean steward Wolcott Henry when he became alarmed at the lack of accessible conservation-oriented marine photography. Generously he created the Marine Photobank and seeded the collection with his own hard-earned images of the ocean life he witnessed, as well as its perils.  Since then, more than 1,500 photographers and more than 9,000 members have joined the Marine Photobank community.  However, as on-line photography technology has evolved beyond our platform’s capacity, we realized we needed a new partner to help continue the vision.

We would like to thank the many contributing photographers who made the Marine Photobank collection the truly valuable resource that it is today. We are thrilled at the opportunity to honor your contribution by hosting the images on Wildscreen through their Exchange and Arkive programs. Wildscreen’s modern, user-friendly interfaces, will greatly improve the experience of members, enabling them to make the most inspiring and impactful conservation storytelling.

Wildscreen’s goal is to convene the best photographers, filmmakers and creative professionals with the most committed conservationists to create compelling stories about the natural world; that inspire the wider public to experience it, feel part of it and protect it. Their Exchange platform is a unique global hub for over 280 members from conservation organizations in 35 countries around the world, allowing them to gain access to over 70,000 images from some of the world’s very best wildlife photographers for use in their non-commercial communications. Arkive is the world’s leading online encyclopedia about the natural world, incorporating over 16,000 species profiles with scientifically accurate text, as well as photographs and videos. The Arkive site also contains freely accessible education modules and topic pages about the most pertinent issues facing the natural world.

For Photo Contributors:

In making this transition we wish to be as transparent as possible.

Only photos from Photographers who approve this transfer by emailing exchangeinfo@wildscreen.org.uk will be uploaded to the Wildscreen platforms.

In order for Wildscreen to contact you regarding future use of your photos, we will also be sharing member information along with images. Please get in touch with them; they would love to host your images and continue to help make inspiring ocean conservation stories easy to tell.

Please read and email Wildscreen Exchange to agree with their Donor Terms, to understand how your images will be held and the terms under which your images will be used. We are thrilled to have found a partner who can carry on the legacy of your images and the legacy of Wolcott Henry’s vision.

For questions directed to Wildscreen, please email exchangeinfo@wildscreen.org.uk. For questions directed to the Marine Photobank, please email marinephotobank@seaweb.org.

For All Members:

We would like to thank the dedicated photographers, teachers, researchers, students, journalists, and ocean stewards from around the world for enriching us all with your work. We urge you to continue your tireless efforts to educate and inspire others to care about marine life and ecosystems. We hope you will find the experience using Wildscreens’ user-friendly resources even more supportive of your efforts.

The Marine Photobank will remain open to current members until late 2018, precise closing date to be determined.

And thank you all for everything you've given to the ocean, and to me.
Devin Harvey
Marine Photobank

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