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William Djubin Photographer Profile

William Djubin


William Djubin

Djubin is the Founder of EarthRehab. They sell a Green License Plate with proceeds to benefit front line Environmental Foundations and Sanctuaries and have established an Independent Coral Reef Initiative. In North Palm Beach, the live rock is completely covered in algae and a thick dust like sediment (it needs a good scrubbing). "If we can slow or better yet stop the pollution I soundly believe that with a lot of elbow grease we can revive this Atlantic Reef Eco-system." Currently Djubin has many volunteers willing to donate unprecedented hours of service to revive a Coral Reef Eco-system in Palm Beach County. "Could you imagine reviving a Coral Reef Eco-system teeming with Invertebrates and Tropical Fishes, I can. visit www.mygreenlicenseplate.com today."