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Photographer Profiles

Julie McGowan, Professional Photogapher

Julie McGowan


Julie McGowan

Julie McGowan is a wedding photographer from North Queensland, Australia. After following a keen artistic skill, photography became a passion from an early age. Julie studied and started her own photographic business shooting weddings and occasions fifteen years ago and hasn’t looked back. This brings in some income to support a hunger for travel and photography.

Of course there is more than an interest that creates a good photographer; along with many years of experience and learning, somewhere during this process a photographer might say they are producing images that others envy. That is the aim but the photographer never stops learning.

A relaxed and natural setting assists any photographer in producing great images, and the North Queensland beaches do make this easy. There is a lot of fun to be had at weddings and events, but that is the work side of things. In her spare time Julie has a passion for nature and living in North Queensland. The natural beauty abounds and it is the marine environment that inspires her to get that interesting or beautiful shot. A number of images have also been collected from travels overseas.

Julie’s images could assist anyone studying or working in the marine industry. She will be supporting the Marine Photobank by providing a variety of shots for general use. Hope you enjoy them as much as she enjoys taking them.