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Konstantin Tkachenko Photographer Profile

Konstantin Tkachenko


Konstantin Tkachenko

I am a marine ecologist and I have been working on benthic communities since 1995 in different regions of high-latitude and tropical seas.

My research interests include community and population ecology, biodiversity of benthic communities, coral reef dynamics, resilience and resistance to natural and anthropogenic impacts, and methods of digital video- and photo image processing for quantitative estimation of benthic cover.

I received my Ph.D. in 2002 from the Institute of Marine Biology FEB RAS (Vladivostok, Russia). Many of my photos come from Sea of Japan (Peter the Great Bay) where I worked on rocky reef communities and from tropical areas such as southern Taiwan and adjacent small islets in the Pacific ocean and Taiwan strait, Thailand and Philippines where I was studying coral reef processes. Unfortunately the last three decades have become most stressful especially for coral reefs due to intensive human impacts and global warming and thus, the future for these most diverse but fragile ecosystems is obscured. I’ll be glad if some of my pictures can be used to educate people about the uniqueness, beauty and fragility of ocean life. I wish to motivate people to have a careful attitude and to use marine resources sustainably as well as to preserve marine ecosystems and species that have become threatened in the last 4 decades.