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Dr. Sandra Brooke, Research Associate, Oregon Inst. of Marine Biology

Photographer Profile Sandra Brooke

Dr. Sandra Brooke

I earned a Bachelors in Biological Sciences and a Masters in Bio-aeronautics in England then spent a few years working in mosquito control before discovering marine biology. In 1996 I obtained a Masters degree in Marine Biology from the Virginia Institute of Marine Biology, and my PhD (2002) was a joint venture between the University of Southampton in England and Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution in Florida. My dissertation research focused on the reproductive ecology of a deepwater scleractinian Oculina varicosa, which forms large fragile reefs systems at 100m depth, along the shelf edge of Florida’s Atlantic coast. These reefs support a diverse invertebrate community and are essential spawning and nursery habitat for a number of commercially important fisheries species. My research described gametogenic cycles, fecundity, embryogenesis and larval biology. I am currently working as an Research Associate at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology where I am involved in several deepwater coral projects including NMFS Alaska project to survey deepwater coral systems of the Aleutian Islands, reproduction of Lophelia pertusa in the Norwegian Fjords with the Trondheim Biological station in Norway, and habitat characterization of deepwater coral habitats in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Straits.