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Photographer Profiles

Steven Spring, Amateur Photographer

Photographer Profile Steve Spring

Steve Spring
Amateur Photographer

Prior to being an UW Photographer in South Florida Steve was, among other things, a musician based out of Washington, DC where he still has a home. He has always preferred being outdoors and is an avid skier, flyfisherman, and has been lugging cameras around for as long as he can remember. Steve has recently become involved with Palm Beach County Reef Rescue and is very interested in helping protect Palm Beach County’s precious reefs which are currently under attack from sewage outfalls and offshore dredging for beach sand. Though Steve takes pride in his wildlife photography and printing abilities, he seems to be making more of a name for himself as a conservationist with his photosby exposing problems in the ocean to local government officials with his documentation of man made destruction to our reef system. As a result his images seem to keep finding their way onto the local evening news programs.