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Alberto Romeo


Alberto Romeo

Dr. Alberto Romeo is considered a pioneer of underwater photography in Italy beginning in the 1960’s. Since then, he has published several books. His photos have been also published in countless publications and displayed in marine biological institutions around the world. Born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy in 1948, Romeo is an underwater sport's doctor and a photojournalist specializing in marine biology.

In the 1970’s one of his pictures was chosen by Nikon to advertise their new underwater camera the "Calypso/Nikkor II" (Nikonos II). In 1973 he founded the Gruppo Ricercatori Operatori Subacquei - G.R.O. SUB (Underwater Team of Researchers and Photographers) to protect marine life. In 1980 he started the International Festival of Underwater Images, in Palermo, and served as Director for 13 years. In 1984 he was the first Italian champion of underwater photography and until 1989 was on the Italian National Underwater Photographic Team. Romeo represented Italy in many international contests including the Red Sea "International Blue Aqaba" in 1986, the Mediterranean "World Cup " in Ustica in 1989 and the World Underwater Championship in Maldives. The Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques (World Underwater Federation) ranked him in the world’s top ten underwater photographers from 1984 to 1987 and he has won more than 100 prizes in underwater photography. Later in his career he became an instructor of underwater photography and videography and taught courses in the Maldives, Azores and throughout Italy.

In 1980, Dr. Romeo published Fotosub, a book about underwater photography. Two years later he published Medicina Subacquea, which focused on underwater medicine. His most recent book, about the history of Underwater Photography in Italy, Storia & Storie della Fotocinematografia Subacquea Italiana, was published in 2005 and is being translated into english. Romeo has also made many films and slide-show documentaries. In 2005 he won the coveted Golden Trident award (Tridente d’Oro) from the International Underwater Academy.