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Ben Brown, Mangrove Action Project(NGO)

Photographer Profile Ben Brown

Ben Brown
Mangrove Action Project (NGO)

Ben Brown has worked for eight years in Indonesia as a community organizer and environmental educator, in addition to eight years of work internationally in the fields of watershed management, environmental education, community development, and aquatic ecology. Currently Ben coordinates Mangrove Action Project's Indonesia Programme. During his time with MAP, he has overseen the development of seven coastal community resource centers, published an action research problem solving curriculum as well as technical manuals on hydrological mangrove rehabilitation and bamboo treatment. Ben, his wife Ary and son Rian, live on the lower slopes of Mount Merapi in a small farming village above Yogyakarta, Central Java. Ben has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Evironment, is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and can be found spearfishing amongst the reefs of Eastern Indonesia in his free time.