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Cecilia Talopp

Cecilia Talopp


Cecilia Talopp, Programme Associate, Seafood Choices

Cecilia Talopp joined the Paris office of SeaWeb's Seafood Choices program in October 2008. Cecilia is responsible for helping develop relationships with a wide range of stakeholders from the seafood industry and providing support to the European Program. Prior to joining Seafood Choices, she worked in a French environmental association, where she helped develop an ecodesign handbook and provided communication support. She graduated in 2008 with a master's degree in environmental science from La Sorbonne, Paris, and holds a Bachelor's in foreign Languages from Nanterre University. She is fluent in French, Spanish and English, and spent one year studying in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Cecilia is passionate about wildlife, traveling and sports, especially horse riding.