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Photographer Profiles

Chuck Savall

Marine Photobank, Image of Chuck Savall

Chuck Savall

Chuck Savall is a professional airline pilot by trade, and likes to use the free time and travel opportunities his profession allows to explore and dive around the world. He has been diving for nearly twenty years, and like many of us, immediately felt the need to share his discoveries with others through photography.
He has been disappointed by the decline of our marine environments in the relatively short time he has been witness. He wants his photos to be used to help educate others about the still relatively unknown world we are rapidly destroying. It is only through knowledge that we can convince others to change their ways.

His current mission is to begin documenting the proliferation of plastics in the oceans, and their destructive nature. "If people could only see the beauty and biodiversity that lies just under the surface of the water that they thoughtlessly cast their plastic refuse into, I think they would quickly change their habits." He is currently switching to HiDef underwater video to help increase the impact of that message.