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Photographer Profiles

Fiona Ayerst, Sharklife

marine photobank photographer profile, Fiona Ayerst

Fiona Ayerst

Fiona Ayerst is a freelance adventure sport and underwater stills photographer and journalist who has a special interest in sharks. Fiona turned professional in April 2006 after having been practising as an Attorney for twelve years-and she has not looked back since. She travels the world extensively and writes about adventure travel and conservation for various local and international publications. Fiona also teaches underwater photography running specialist workshops for digital photographers in the Red Sea, Egypt as well as on various locations around the East Coast of Africa.

What is clear is that Fiona is passionate about her subjects and especially interested in showing people who don’t manage to get underwater, what is living there. Fiona hopes to depict how her subjects behave and what affects them, thereby bringing the beauty of the oceans to the general public, who may never get a chance to experience this first hand. Fiona loves working in the mystical and magical places that are our oceans and believes that these places are still, to some extent, sanctuaries- places currently far too rare on earth.

Water gives a dreamlike silky quality to images and, being drawn to water, Fiona is intent on pursuing this quality and depicting it through her photos. With this passion for water as a medium foremost in her photos she has won international and local photographic competitions. Fiona’s best local success was receiving the award and title of South African Fuji/ Getaway Wildlife Photographer of the year award in 2004. Fiona also sometimes ventures above the water and won the Getaway Magazine Image of the year 2005 with a climbing shot.