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Photographer Profiles

John T. Everett, Professional Photographer

John Everett Photo Profile

John T. Everett
Professional Photographer

Dr. Everett comes from a fishing family and worked 31 years as a Federal Government marine researcher and science manager. He is President of Ocean Associates, Inc. providing consulting services on oceans and fisheries policy and sustainability, and on global climate change and its impacts at the global and local level on fisheries and on oceans. He has been on or near the oceans his whole life, and has amassed a wealth of water-related photographs. He provides high quality versions of these photos for free for personal and non-commercial use. He licenses commercial use and sells high resolution files and prints. His photo websites are at http://www.OceansArt.US and http://www.TechnologySite.org. Both photo sites also have his tips for successful digital photography. He hopes to advance sustainable use of the oceans and the advancement of technology through the distribution of these photos.