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Photographer Profiles

Lucy Kemp , Strandloper Safaris/University of Cape Town

Photographer Profile Lucy Kemp

Lucy Kemp
Strandloper Safaris/Univ. of Cape Town


Lucy completed her MSc in Marine Biology at the Univesity of Cape Town in mid-2006 working on ancient stonewall fishtraps, the fish they catch and the invertebrates that call them home. Prior to that her research included work on the Cape Clawless Otter and spatial distribution of Gondwanan relict invertebrate species. She is taking a break from academia (again! she has a love of travel that makes progress on a single career path impossible) to explore the world of ecotourism with a specialist marine tour company. The aim is to expose guests to South African shores to the glories of the underwater world. She is however not a pure-bred marine biologist, having worked on a wild dog and cheetah photographic census in the Kruger National Park and loves the sights and sounds of the savannah as much as the oceans. She believes that only when people see will they understand and conserve. With this in mind she is thrilled to contribute her photos to the Marine Photobank if they will help illustrate a point and contribute in whatever way possible to the fight for our oceans.