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Ron Wooten Photography

Ron Wooten


Ron Wooten

Ron Wooten is currently (March 2013) in the Marine Resource Management masters program at TAMUG. Previously Wooten worked as a Research Fisheries Biologist and Platform Removal Biologist with NOAA, and had the opportunity to fly over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill looking for sea turtles and marine mammals from Coastal Alabama to offshore Western Louisiana. He has also worked as a marine educator in the public school system.

Wooten began writing while working as a freelance photojournalist for a local magazine in Galveston, Texas. Having lived on the Gulf Coast for more than two decades, he has witnessed many changes-some good, some bad. "The Gulf is an amazing natural resource that unfortunately doesn't receive the recognition it deserves," says Wooten. "I hope to be able to work as a Gulf Coordinator/Information Specialist for a conservation organization."

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