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Tsun-Thai Chai

Marine Photobank, Profile Picture for Tsun-Thai Chai

Tsun-Thai Chai


Tsun-Thai is a PhD student who studies the role of an enzyme called the alternative oxidase in the recovery of oxygen-deprived roots. In the past, he has always focused his research on crops. But, after learning to snorkel in October 2007, he has fallen madly in love with marine life, both animals and plants. So, he has decided to do postdoc research on marine life one day.

He recognizes that this will not be easy considering his lack of backround knowledge in marine biology, so he is reading and studying away everyday. Snorkeling and taking underwater pictures hastens the learning process. Chai is excited to share his images of marine life with others and is enthusiastic about the Marine Photobank resource as a means to do so. "They might not be something grand like a whale or something out of this world like deep sea vent worms. But, even some small, ordinary marine life in shallow waters is amazing enough to me."