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Valerie Craig, Seafood Choices Alliance/SeaWeb (NGO)

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Valerie Craig
Seafood Choices Alliance/SeaWeb (NGO)

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Valerie Craig is a Senior Project Manager with the Seafood Choices Alliance. Valerie began working with SeaWeb shortly after completing her Master's in Environmental Management from the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Among other projects, Valerie manages the annual Seafood Summit and the publication of Sourcing Seafood: A Professional’s Guide to Procuring Ocean-friendly Fish and Shellfish. In her personal time, Valerie enjoys visiting family in California, Florida, Chile and Italy, and loves to travel and explore new places. Recent travels have led to a growing interest in amateur photography – a skill she hopes to improve in the upcoming years. Valerie also enjoys tempting her husband with new culinary creations, reading, hiking, camping and spending time out on the water.