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Photographer Profiles

Ziggy Livnat, Professional Photographer

Photographer Profile: Ziggy Livnat

Ziggy Livnat
Professional Photographer

Ziggy is a photographer, conservationist, and educator. He has been SCUBA diving for many years and incorporated his love of the underwater world and passion for environmental education in projects like "Learning to Sea" and Hawaiian Blue. Ziggy has been an underwater still photographer for the last eighteen years and his work appeared in publications like National Geographic magazine.

When Ziggy lived in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (1995-1996), he worked successfully with the St. Croix Environmental Association to provide slideshows and lectures on the local marine environment to more than 1,100 elementary school students. He moved back to Israel in 1997, where he gave slideshow lectures for tourist sponsored by the Israeli ministry of tourism and wrote articles in National Geographic's Hebrew edition issues and children's magazines. In 1998-99 he served as the Director of Sea Studies and Environment at the Arava Elementary School, in the Red Sea coastal town of Eilat. Ziggy was in charge of the curriculum and developed a pioneer educational coral rehabilitation project for sixth grade students at the underwater observatory in Eilat. As well, he served as the Israeli coordinator for the Sustainable Tourism in the Gulf of Aqaba project, for Friends of the Earth Middle East. He worked with environmentalists in Jordan on joint activities to promote peace and awareness in the region. In the last five years, Ziggy has given many presentations for children and educators in Pennsylvania, Washington State, Hawai`i and New York; including the American Museum of Natural History Biodiversity Institute and the New York State Marine Educators Association.

Work for his current project, the Hawai`i Reef Etiquette Public Service Announcement, started in February 2004. The English version has been released in December 05 and already being shown in many venues across the State of Hawaii to more than one million visitors annually. The Japanese version is now in production with a scheduled release for late August 2006.