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Photographer Profiles

Alfredo Quarto, Mangrove Action Project(NGO)

Photographer Profile: Alfredo Quarto

Alfredo Quarto
Mangrove Action Project (NGO)

Alfredo Quarto, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Mangrove Action Project, is a veteran campaigner with over 25 years experience working on international environmental and social justice issues. His experiences range over many different countries and several environmental organizations, with a long-term focus on marine ecology, forestry and human rights. Quarto has spoken on mangrove conservation issues at the UN, international fora and workshops, the American Museum of Natural History, universities and colleges, high schools and grade schools, churches and other organizations.

Before MAP, he was an aerospace engineer working for Boeing Company, which he quit to work full time as an activist with Greenpeace (1977-1984), then Project Director for the Freedom Fund (1984-1989), and then Executive Director of the Ancient Forest Chautauqua (1990-91)-- a multi-media traveling forum with events in 30 West Coast cities on behalf of old-growth forests and indigenous dwellers. He was also a free-lance photo-journalist whose published works on mangrove forest/shrimp aquaculture issues have appeared in Cultural Survival Quarterly, E-Magazine, Wild Earth, Science, Biodiversity, the Earth Island Journal, Dollars and Sense, Tiempo, Bangkok Post, Earth First Journal, Aquaculture Asia, and Shrimp News International, to name a few. He also has chapters included in two books, including An International Perspective on Wetland Rehabilitation (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999).

Quarto was a 1970 graduate of Purdue University in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, working for nearly 4 1/2 years for the Boeing Company as a jet propulsion systems analyst. He quit Boeing to work on environmental issues.

Although Quarto works at the grassroots level with international organizations and local communities, he also works at the "grassroots" level at home, where he lives with his Chilean wife and two children on the Olympic Peninsula on a small organic farm in Port Angeles, Washington.