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Photographer Profiles

Reuven Walder, Marine Photobank (NGO)

Photographer Profile Reuven Walder

Reuven Walder
Marine Photobank (NGO)

Reuven Walder is the former Director of the Marine PhotoBank Program. Walder has since moved on to the home energy auditing business and has started a company called EcoBeco in the Washington, DC metro area. He has more than 16 years experience in research and restoration efforts focused on the recovery of sensitive species and their habitat in regions spanning from the Canadian Arctic to Baja California. He has worked with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, California Regional Water Quality Control Board, University of California, California State Universities, non-profit organizations and private entities alike.

Throughout his career, Walder has combined his scientific and activist background to provide vital information and knowledge to agencies and the community. He has spent 15 years as an environmental educator teaching and motivating individuals to carry a conservation message to the public. Before joining SeaWeb, Walder spent four years with Turtle Island Restoration Network in California working to protect endangered salmon and sea turtle populations and their habitat.
Walder has a Master of Science in Marine Ecology from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and Zoology from Humboldt State University in California. In addition, he is an avid photographer and has captured images of wildlife, ecosystems and people from his travels all over the planet.

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