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Sarah Lardizabal


Sarah Lardizabal

Sarah is an active conservationist, aquarist, student, and environmental educator. Her passion for fish and love of the ocean began very early thanks to a little goldfish named Spanky. As an aquarist, she has pioneered techniques in marine plant husbandry. Sarah has studied wildlife conservation and marine biology and has been fortunate to take part in scientific research in several areas including plant genomics, habitat restoration, estuary ecosystems, and horseshoe crab conservation. She has spent time in both the husbandry and education departments at several zoos and aquariums including the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the Brevard Zoo, and SeaWorld Orlando. She aspires to teach in a public aquarium, work on a dive boat in Belize, and swim with great whites.

Sarah is rarely without a camera and documents conservation concerns such as invasive species, fishery bycatch, and marine pollution during her frequent outings along the estuary and bay systems of central Florida where she lives. It is her hope that sharing these images and her passion for fish with other people will inspire them to take an interest in the marine resources that are just beyond their backyard.