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Ted Raynor, Photographer

Ted Raynor


Ted Raynor

Ted Raynor isa lifelong Alaskan who was born in the coastal town of Ketchikan.His passion for the sea began immediately ashewas placed inthe bow ofhis parent's boat at the tender age oftwo months.The only place he wanted to be while growing up in Anchorage was in Alaska's spectacular wilderness. Raynor bought his first boat when he was 18 and spent manymagical summers boating around Southeast Alaska while visiting his dad inJuneau.He helped build a larger 22' boat that launched when he was 27,and spent the next 17 years commercial fishingand running a charter- boat operation out of Whittier. The operation specialized in fishing, sightseeing, and kayak transportation chartersin Prince William Sound.

Raynor’s outlook on life changedinMarch 1989 when the Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred. “Forme, the oil spill was an instant education in consumerism, exploitation, and manipulation by corporate America.” Along with the oil on our coastlines, he became more aware of plastics as well. When camping with friends, he would always pick up the area and leave the place cleaner than when they arrived.

Raynor eventually left the charter business, got his GED, then went to college fora while to study computers. But, his place in life was at sea sohedabbled in the charter world just a bit more, then helped form a non-profit entity to deal with the marine debris issue.For the past two yearshas been involved in cleaning Alaska’s magnificent coastline of a staggering amount of trash.He hasphotographed the extensive cleanup process as a matter of business and personal documentation. “Ibelieve that just as images of the oil spill led to many positive changes in shipping and oversight policies,my marine-debris images will lead to positive changes in ocean-dumping policies as well.”