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Photo of the Week (3/8/10)


Corals in the Red
Coral beads
Shannon Roae, 2007/Marine Photobank
These coral beads were once living animals. Red and pink Coralliidae are considered the most commercially valuable of all corals, as they are often used for jewelry or home décor. However, these animals are most valuable in the ocean, where they provide feeding and breeding areas for at least a quarter of all marine fish and therefore valuable ecosystem services for humans such as seafood.

Red and pink corals are being considered for trade protections at the upcoming Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) 15th Conference of Parties in Doha, Qatar, March 13 to 25. Find out more about what marine species are up for consideration for such protection and the need for coral conservation at www.seaweb.org/markets/cites.php.

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