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Photo of the Week (3/29/10)


Among Those Who Lost at CoP15
Oceanic white tip shark
Terry Goss 2008/Marine Photobank
Oceanic whitetip sharks, along with hammerhead, porbeagle and spiny dogfish sharks, were recently denied Appendix II listing at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Convention of the Parties 15 (CoP 15) in Doha, Qatar. This listing would have increased trade regulation of these species. Many of these sharks, including the whitetip, are sought for their fins to make into soup. The porbeagle had initially won the vote to be listed under Appendix II, but the vote was reversed at the end of the meeting.

CITES is an international environmental agreement, or treaty, between 175 nations to ensure the global wildlife trade is managed responsibly and sustainably. CITES' purpose is to ensure international trade does not threaten species' survival. Every two to three years, member countries meet to vote on the inclusion of new species under CITES at the Conference of Parties (CoP), held this year in March 2010, Doha, Qatar.

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