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Photo of the Week (7/19/10)


Managing U.S. Coasts
Coastal use in Seattle, WA
Wolcott Henry/Marine Photobank
The resources and productivity of coastal regions and waters account for the majority of the U.S. economy. The United States has more than 95,000 miles of coastline and the world's largest exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and these regions provide vast amounts of food, energy and minerals and a range of ecological services. Furthermore, they support tens of millions of jobs, are an important locale for tourism and recreation, and play a critical role in the nation's transportation and trade infrastructure. In order to effectively manage its coasts, the United States has finally embarked on developing a national ocean policy, which ideally will ensure a cohesive vision for their sustainable use.

For more information see http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/ceq/initiatives/oceans

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