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Photo of the Week (8/10/10)


Fishing for the Future
Castellammare del Golfo - a fishing village in Sicily, Italy
Sarunas Zableckis/Marine Photobank
Fishermen today are constantly faced with the challenge of catching enough fish to maintain their businesses while leaving marine populations healthy enough to flourish. A recent study, however, provides a glimpse of hope. The study, conducted in waters off of Italy's eastern coast in the Mediterranean Sea, examined fish catches near a marine protected area during a four-year period. Researchers found that with partial protection of a fishing area and balanced input from local fishermen, scientists and managers, fish catches were markedly higher than in other nearby fishing waters. The results suggest that if fishermen, scientists and managers work cooperatively toward meeting conservation and fishery management goals, they can alleviate overfishing while still benefiting fishing communities.

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