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Photo of the Week

Featuring images from the Marine Photobank, these Photo of the Week stories highlight ocean issues as well as the ability of visual media to promote ocean conservation. Would you like see one of your images as a Photo of the Week? Please become a contributing member of the Marine Photobank and let your photos work on behalf of the ocean.

Education Sometimes Takes a Soft Touch
Christmas Tree Worms: Photo of the Week
Linda Schonknecht/Marine Photobank
Even though they live on Africa's west coast, many of these children might not have understood how a healthy ocean is important to their own lives before being visited by the Mayumba National Park Outreach Program. The program uses these animal puppets, from sharks to turtles to fish, to convey messages about marine life even though literacy levels in these small villages are often low. In addition to furthering the protection of endangered species and their critical habitats through collaborating with area teachers on environmental education, the program works with local artists, village chiefs and government officials to develop tourism and traditional arts projects designed to mitigate income villagers might have lost after certain hunting and fishing zones became protected.