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Photo of the Week

Featuring images from the Marine Photobank, these Photo of the Week stories highlight ocean issues as well as the ability of visual media to promote ocean conservation. Would you like see one of your images as a Photo of the Week? Please become a contributing member of the Marine Photobank and let your photos work on behalf of the ocean.

Striving for Balance in the Celtic Sea

John Rafferty Photography/Marine Photobank
John Rafferty Photography/Marine Photobank

The Celtic Sea region, an area in the northeastern Atlantic that encompasses the coast of southern Ireland, and portions of Wales, England and France, is home to diverse wildlife and important ecological activity. Seabirds, seals, whales and dolphins, such as the bottlenose dolphins pictured here swimming alongside a small boat in Ireland’s Arranmore Bay, are some of the many animals the region attracts. However, the Celtic Sea is one of the most heavily used bodies of water in the world when it comes to human activity, meeting the demands of industry, shipping, commercial fishing, coastal recreation and other activities. In 2009, Partnerships Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic Sea Eco-System (PISCES) was implemented in the region with the goal of achieving a healthy, well-managed ecosystem that balances the desires of humans with the needs of marine life. The initiative recently held a workshop in Ireland for its stakeholders to develop management guidelines for use of these waters and coasts.

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