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Photo of the Week

Featuring images from the Marine Photobank, these Photo of the Week stories highlight ocean issues as well as the ability of visual media to promote ocean conservation. Would you like see one of your images as a Photo of the Week? Please become a contributing member of the Marine Photobank and let your photos work on behalf of the ocean.

Sea and Experience

Gerick Bergsma 2010/Marine Photobank
Gerick Bergsma 2010/Marine Photobank

A visit to the aquarium can be a fun family activity during which colorful aquatic displays such as these Pacific sea nettles at the Monterey Bay Aquarium can be enjoyed. In addition to providing a great opportunity to learn about the ocean and marine animals, many aquariums are leading conservation institutions with in-house research scientists. Some of their conservation efforts both on-site and in the field include habitat preservation, veterinary science, breeding of threatened species, wildlife rehabilitation and science education. The next time you visit an aquarium, ask about its science and conservation efforts and learn what your admission dollars are supporting.

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