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Photo of the Week

Featuring images from the Marine Photobank, these Photo of the Week stories highlight ocean issues as well as the ability of visual media to promote ocean conservation. Would you like see one of your images as a Photo of the Week? Please become a contributing member of the Marine Photobank and let your photos work on behalf of the ocean.

Wide-Angled Waste

Colin Zylka/Marine Photobank
Colin Zylka/Marine Photobank

"I am fortunate enough to travel to great diving destinations around the world as part of my job as a scuba instructor, introducing new divers to all the fantastic marine life in the oceans. However, that does not mean the oceans are as pristine as we'd like them. More and more I see plastic and other forms of trash getting onto coral reefs and inshore shallow areas, with some areas of the world worse than others. The sorry thing is the trash that is on most tropical islands will likely end up in the ocean, despite the ocean being a resource for tourism and other economic gain.

As we were driving around the island this particular day, I was amazed at the amount of trash washed up on the windward shore, but plastic seemed to be the most prevalent. Beautiful skies, clear water and warm breezes make for the perfect tropical vacation. I shot many frames on this trip, both underwater and topside, documenting the beauty of the island, but this one really hit home. Where did this trash originate? Did someone just toss it into the ocean and it eventually landed on that spot? Does it really matter from where, or from whom? We need to remind ourselves that we can do better for the sake of the planet."

- Colin Zylka