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Photo of the Week

Featuring images from the Marine Photobank, these Photo of the Week stories highlight ocean issues as well as the ability of visual media to promote ocean conservation. Would you like see one of your images as a Photo of the Week? Please become a contributing member of the Marine Photobank and let your photos work on behalf of the ocean.

Harnessing Wind Power

Eleanor Partridge/Marine Photobank
Eleanor Partridge/Marine Photobank

Located off the eastern shores of Norfolk in the United Kingdom, the Scroby Sands Offshore Wind Farm’s 60-mile-high turbines produce 60 megawatts, enough to power 41,000 homes. Not only does it produce a significant amount of power for the area but it also attracts about 35,000 visitors to its educational visitor center each year. This picture was taken during an event held for local stakeholders to learn more about the wind farm. Photographer Eleanor Partridge reflects on the experience saying, "Scroby Sands is one of more than 10 offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom, with many more in development. The event was a really useful opportunity for local people to learn more about an industry which is undergoing significant expansion."