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Photographer Profiles

Bruce Sandison, Salmon Farm Protest Group (NGO)

Bruce Sandison
Salmon Farm Protest Group (NGO)

Sandison founded The Salmon Farm Protest Group in April 2002; born out of anger and despair following a decade of trying, unsuccessfully, to persuade government and industry to stop fish farms from destroying wild salmonid populations that have survived in the West Highlands and Islands of Scotland since the end of the last Ice Age. He along with Michael Brookes Roper contribute imagery that highlights the pressing issues relating to Salmon Farming.

“I love the land that gave me birth, its history, traditions and wild landscape. I will be damned if I will sit back and allow the sheer greed and materialism of a few foreign-owned multi-national companies to turn our coastal waters and freshwater lochs into little other than open sewers,” Sandison said.

Sandison, born in 1938, is a writer and journalist to trade and his involvement in the issue of aquaculture is entirely voluntary. He has lived and worked in the North of Scotland for thirty years and writes extensively on Scottish matters in a wide range of newspapers and journals, including the USA magazine Scottish Life .

Of his native land, he says: “Our mountains and moorlands make us what we are. Every creature, human or animal, depends upon that land for survival. In our brief stewardship of this irreplaceable treasure let us strive to preserve its integrity. When we are gone, let there be no sign of our passing other than the kindly imprint of our care. This is our duty to future generations. There is no room for compromise.”

Bruce provided images taken by Michael Brookes Roper.