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Photographer Profiles

Jessica King, Marine Photobank (NGO)

Photographer Profile Jessica King

Jessica King
The Marine Photobank

Jess began developing an interest in photography at her boarding school in Santa Barbara, California. During that time, her interests in photography were people-oriented and focused on sports. In Santa Barbara, Jess was a photographer for the student newspaper and head photographer for her yearbook; she also won a number of photography honors and awards in the area. While Jess was at Georgetown University, she took photography classes at the Washington, DC School of Photography. Since Jess started learning more about environmental issues in college, she has developed an interest in photographing the ocean. She will be attending Lewis & Clark College’s Law School in the fall to study environmental law. Once armed with a law degree, she hopes to one day return to her native city, Hong Kong, and educate the public about the importance of protecting the environment.