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Jim Enright, Mangrove Action Project (MAP)

Jim Enright Profile

Jim Enright
Mangrove Action Project (NGO)

Jim Enright, MAP’s Southeast Asia Coordinator, has been the main organizer and facilitator of MAP's "In the Hands of the Fishers" (IHOF) program, starting with the first workshop in Trang, Thailand in 1999. Since then, MAP has led twelve regional "fisherfolk to fisherfolk" workshops in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Jim also oversees MAP's field projects with partners in Cambodia. Before joining MAP, he spent seven years working with coastal resource issues in Thailand, as a national park interpreter in Khao Sam Roi Yot, Thailand's first coastal national park, and with the Thai NGO Yadfon Association, which promotes community-based coastal resource management (CBCRM) with coastal fishing communities in Trang. Jim has an honors degree in Environment Resource Studies with a speciality in international development. He is based in Trang, southern Thailand, and speaks conversational Thai. mapasia@loxinfo.co.th

Mangrove Action Project