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Dr. John Volpe, University of Victoria, Researcher

Dr. John Volpe

John Volpe is currently Assistant Professor of Marine Systems Restoration and Conservation in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, British Columbia. A molecular and population ecologist by training, Dr. Volpe uses science to link ecological and social sustainability with a focus on marine-based food production systems. He publishes in the areas of sustainability and resiliency of marine food production systems, sustainable aquaculture, invasion ecology, competition theory and marine parasite epidemiology. Dr. Volpe is committed to public outreach and is an active public speaker and serves on the scientific advisory board for Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program. Salmon, sablefish and bivalve aquaculture, aquaculture-capture fisheries interactions, invasive species and marine protected areas are topics of current interest and research. Prior to coming to UVic, Dr. Volpe was Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta’s (2001-2004).

Teaching Interests
Dr. Volpe’s current teaching focuses on exploring the  interdependence of ecological and social systems and mechanisms jointly influencing stability and durability of each. He teaches ES 200: Introduction to Environmental Studies, ES 341: Ecological Restoration, ES 446: Sustainable Fisheries

Dr. Volpe’s primary teaching objectives are to stimulate students’ interest in and understanding of the complexity of contemporary environmental problems, to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of scientific inference and the nature of scientific evidence. An underlying emphasis of much of Dr. Volpe’s teaching is the role of social and economic dynamics driving ecological issues familiar to the public. Treatment of the ecological while ignoring the social / economic is tantamount to treating the symptom while ignoring the disease. A secondary focus of Dr. Volpe’s teaching is to encourage students to critically examine the role of academia and science in public discourse of environmental issues; does reality meet expectations?