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Photographer Profiles

Wolcott Henry, Professional Photographer

Wolcott Henry
Professional Photographer

For more than 10 years Wolcott Henry has been a professional underwater photographer. Pursuing a passion for the marine environment through his photography, Henry focuses primarily on capturing the essence of the reef’s “celebrities” on film. Seeing the destruction of the ocean first hand. Henry created the Marine Photobank as an opportunity for the public to visibly understand the impacts to the marine environment through his eyes. He spends considerable time both above and underwater shooting examples of human impacts on the reefs for use on the Marine Photobank site, and various nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies. Trained in sports photography, Henry uses many of the same techniques today as he travels around the world with the goal of using his images to inspire others to join in the effort to protect the ocean’s unique and special wildlife.

As a contract photographer for the National Geographic Society (NGS), Henry has collaborated with Dr. Sylvia Earle on three marine photography books. He is the lead photographer of a book on the U.S. National Marine Sanctuary system titled Wild Ocean, and he provided the images for two children's books called Hello, Fish and Sea Critters also written by Dr. Earle. The Image Collection at NGS and Getty Images currently represent some of his images.

Henry’s images have appeared in various magazines including Time, Mother Jones, Ocean’s Illustrated, Rodale’s Scuba, Foundation News, and Nature’s Best. His premiere images can also viewed at http://www.wolcotthenry.com.