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Photo Stories

Learn more about pressing ocean conservation issues through these photo stories from select Marine Photobank images. We created them to provide greater depth and understanding of ocean issues. You are welcome to download these photo stories and use for educational, conservation purposes.

Oil Spill Photo Story Devastation from Oil Spills
The devastation from oil spills can go much deeper than what happens on the surface and can last for decades. Shallow water areas are most vulnerable where oil can penetrate into sediments. Furthermore, severe wave action may mix the toxic oil throughout the water column and extend to bottom-dwelling species which are important prey for fish. More >

Coral Main Thumb

Precious Corals At Risk
Red and pink coral are the most valuable of all precious corals which are used to make jewelry such as necklaces and earrings as well as home decor items like objets d'art, and even lamp stands. Such demand is driving exploitation and threatening their survival and fishers are now targeting deeper waters using bottom trawls –one of the world’s most destructive fishing methods More >

Monk Seal Lay gill net Photo story Image
Lay Gill Nets
Lay gill nets are used to catch fish, but also snare and kill endnagered Hawaiian monks seals, threatened sea turtles, non-target reef fish, sharks and can damage coral. This Hawaiian monk seal pup was killed in a lay gill net in Oct. 2007. It was the first born on the main island of Oahu, Hawaii, U.S. in eight years. Local scientists call these indiscriminate killers the worst... More >
Photo Story Shark Finning Thumb Main Page
Shark Finning
Shark Finning – It is estimated that many tens of millions of sharks are killed each year solely for their fins.  While shark meat is popular in many markets, it is the disproportionate demand for shark fin soup that is now driving fisheries for the species.  Many shark populations are already in significant decline, in...More >
Photo Story Sewage Outfalls Home
Sewage Outfall Pollution
The greatest volume of waste discharged into the ocean, by far, is sewage. Sewage contains a wide range of pollutants including toxic chemicals, natural and synthetic hormones, pharmaceuticals, pathogens, and organic matter. Nutrients and decaying organic matter can lead to eutrophication and... More >
Bleaching Main Thumb

Coral Bleaching - A sign of the times
This 500 year old coral is part of an expansive coral reef off Key West, Florida, that has been monitored since 1993. In 1996, the coral head appeared healthy. By the following year, elevated water temperatures resulted in the bleaching and, ultimately, the death of 80% of this coral head. More >

Story Blast Fishing Main Thumb
Blast Fishing
Blast fishing – typically involving the use of explosives such as chemical fertilizers or sometimes dynamite – is a widespread fishing practice used to kill coral reef fishes.  Although illegal, a vast number of coastal fishers claim they have no alternative by which to catch food and make a living. More >
Hurricane Main Thumb
Record number of hurricanes in 2005
in the Atlantic, including epsilon which developed into a hurricane days after the official end. Never before has a season exhausted the prepared list of tropical storm and hurricane names and resorted to the Greek number system. Recent studies have observed that the proportion and number of intense hurricanes has increased since the mid 1970's, and More >