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Marine PhotoBank Bulletin December, 2012

Ocean in Focus Photo Contest

Submit Today - Ocean in Focus Photo Contest Still Open for Submissions

To all conservation photographers, amateur and professional alike: photo submissions to the Ocean in Focus contest are due on January 31, 2013. Get your images in before the holidays! If you don't, well then we hope we can guess your New Year's resolution: to donate images to the Marine Photobank in 2013, and inspire the world to care about the ocean. Keep reading to find out what a winning photo can do for you.

Ocean in Focus photo contest

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Expedition Report

MPB in the Field - Galapagos Islands Expedition with Terry Goss

Goss won his expedition courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions by submitting the winning image to the Marine Photobank's 2011 Ocean in Focus photo contest. Now hear first-hand about his experiences with incredible wildlife, breathtaking sights, and a wedding?

Goss: "If you're anything like me, you love nature. The transcendent beauty, the wonder, the mind-boggling variety of forms. As a nature lover who also enjoys photography, choosing travel destinations can be a daunting prospect – I want to see it all! Where to go? Well, the Galápagos Islands will always make that list: so many different and wondrous creatures in one region, situated in a downright prehistoric landscape. I've always wanted to visit this fabled place – how amazingly fortunate I am that SeaWeb & the Marine Photobank decided to send me there, for winning the 2011 Ocean In Focus photo contest."

Read Terry Goss' Expedition Report >>

Terry Goss, sea lion
Image by Terry Goss

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Ocean Voice

Interview with 10yr Old MPB Member and Ocean Hero Ainsley Dacanay

Ainsley Dacanay and grandmother Cheryl Ann HurtAinsley's grandmother, Cheryl Ann Hurt, wrote in to SeaWeb's Marine Photobank to thank us for making available an important resource showing people the true impact humans are having on the ocean. Ainsley and Cheryl Ann used the Photobank to raise awareness about the issue of shark finning and created a t-shirt and a club to educate friends and family. This is undoubtedly just the start of Ainsley's positive influence on the ocean.

To say thanks in return, we caught up with Ainsley to ask what she's doing these days to conserve the ocean she loves so much.

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Parting Shot

The East African Marine Transect

Mike Markovina/Marine Photobank
After catching an illegal fisher, Chumbe Island rangers release the targeted catch of sea cucumbers. Tanzania.
Image by Mike Markovina/Marine Photobank

Beneath the warm coastal waters of tropical and subtropical East Africa lies some of the richest coral reefs in the world. Spanning many hundreds of kilometers they are home to an incredible array of fish communities and support millions of people living and surviving off the coastline.

For four months a six person team made up of scientists, photographers and social entrepreneurs will sail in the vessel, Lo Entropy, a 70 ft monohull beauty which will be their office and home for the duration of the expedition.

Their aim? To use a technology called stereo-imaging to dive and film transects spanning from Mozambique to Kenya to provide the first baseline assessment of the fish fauna spanning the length of the East African ecosystem.

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