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Marine PhotoBank Bulletin December, 2011


Ocean in Focus Photo Contest Winners Announced!


Terry Goss/Marine Photobank

Terry Goss/Marine Photobank

"The ocean has been an afterthought for much of our modern culture, and I'm enjoying seeing it come to the fore again in little ways."

Congratulations to Terry Goss of San Francisco, California, the Grand Prize Winner of the Ocean in Focus Conservation Photo Contest for his image of a blue shark off the coast of Rhode Island with a rusted hook protruding from its lower jaw. View slideshow of winning photos >>

For submitting the photograph depicting his personal encounter with one of nature's most beautiful, but threatened, predators, SeaWeb and Lindblad Expeditions are sending Goss and a friend on a 10-day adventure aboard the National Geographic Endeavor to the Galapagos Islands! Lindblad Expeditions voyages the world in alliance with the National Geographic Society to inspire people to explore and care about the planet. Read the interview with Terry Goss >>

First Prize goes to Peri Paleracio of Quezon City, the Philippines, for his over-under shot of a boat in the Philippines with plastic and trash pollution suspended in the water. For his winning submission, Paleracio has won a trip to Matava, Fiji's premier eco-adventure resort.

George Stoyle and Frank Baensch have both been awarded Honorable Mentions for their photographs. Stoyle submitted a powerful image of frozen tuna being transferred from a fishing vessel to a carrier vessel. Baensch's image shows the danger posed by abandoned gill nets to coral reef ecosystems and how the nets continue to fish long after the fishermen have left the location.

Green Fins Association in Thailand won the honorable mention prize for the "Most Hopeful" photograph, which demonstrates the infectious power of community-based beach cleanups and how local children can play a role in environmental stewardship.

Learn more about the Ocean in Focus Conservation Photo Contest prize donors>>


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