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Photographer Ocean Voices: David Helvarg

David Helvarg Portrait

David Helvarg

Steve Spring
Featured Photographer - August 2006

Images of Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath

David Helvarg’s images of the hurricane Katrina ravaged U.S. gulf coast capture one the worst natural disasters in this country's history. His images of destroyed homes and hotels, mangled oil platforms and devastated infrastructure send a powerful message of how the industrialization of our planet is on a collision course with the force of the natural world.

Helvarg, a journalist and ocean enthusiast, is the founder of the Blue Frontier Campaign and has authored three books: Blue Frontier – Dispatches from America's Ocean Wilderness, The War Against the Greens and his most recent, 50 Ways to Save the Ocean. He is also the editor of the Ocean and Coastal Conservation Guide.

Search for ‘Helvarg’ to see his Marine Photobank images.

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