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Ocean in Focus
Conservation Photography Contest


Marine Photobank, Skate caught as bycatch
  1. Photographers can enter a maximum of 10 photos into the contest. If submitting multiple photos of the same subject, please be sure to submit your best photos from the series and be sure they tell a compelling story. (The remainder can be submitted to the Marine Photobank cause rather than the contest.)
  2. You may not submit photos for other people. Anyone who would like to compete in the contest must open their own account for contact purposes.
  3. Photos will not be accepted in which animals, plants or objects have been staged.
  4. By submitting your photos, you are stating that no species were harassed or harmed nor were ecosystems disturbed or damaged in the process of obtaining your photo. Violators of this rule will not be entered in this or future competitions.
  5. Images cannot be digitally manipulated, aside from basic changes in levels, etc.
  6. Submissions will be accepted from professional and amateur photographers. In order to submit your photos, visit the Marine Photobank registration page.
  7. All photos submitted will be subject to the Marine Photobank image usage terms. Therefore, once the contest is complete, images will be available to a global network of researchers, educators, students, conservationists and concerned citizens to use for non-commercial, conservation purposes. Media use is allowed under terms specified by the photographer in the copyright statement.
  8. Current Marine Photobank Photographers are eligible to submit images if the image is not already in the collection.
  9. Photo entries from staff of either SeaWeb or Project AWARE will not be accepted.
  10. The submission deadline is Tuesday, August 31, 2010, at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time.


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