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Plastic debris among nesting Albatross, Midway Atoll, Midway Atoll
© Steven Siegel

Marine Photobank Links

We have gathered links for visitors to the Marine Photobank site to enable them to be informed about a variety of topics ranging from conservation efforts to photography and copyright information.


Listed in alphabetical order

  • American Academy of Underwater Sciences
    AAUS works to promote safe and productive underwater scientific exploration.
  • ARKive
    ‘Noah's Ark for the Internet era’ - a unique global initiative, gathering together into one centralised digital library, films, photographs and audio recordings of the world’s species.
  • The Audubon Society
    Engaged in conservation and action to save the world's habitats.
  • ARCs Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies
    Australia's leading contribution to coral reef sciences, and stronger collaborative links with partners and 24 other leading institutions in nine countries.
  • Australian Seabird Rescue
    ASR volunteers have been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of seabirds and shorebirds, marine turtles, and to date, have rescued over 1000 Australian Pelicans.
  • Bioneers
    Since 1990, the Bioneers have been assembling an annual conference, of scientific and social innovators who have demonstrated visionary and practical models for restoring the Earth and communities.
  • The Blue Frontier Campaign
    Works to support seaweed (marine grassroots) efforts at the local, regional and national level, with an emphasis on bottom up organizing to bring the voice of citizen-activists into national decision-making that will impact our public seas.
  • Blue Ocean Institute
    Through science, art, and literature Blue Ocean Institute works to inspire a
    closer relationship with the sea.
  • California Academy of Sciences
    Founded in 1853 as the first scientific institution in the western United States, our mission is to explore, explain, and protect the natural world.
  • The Center for Agricultural Partnerships
    Promotes environmentally friendly farming practices in commercial agriculture to reduce pesticide use and nutrient runoff to improve the health of our rivers, oceans and land.
  • CONAMAR Foundation
    Foundation for the Conservancy of the Sea, Nature and Marine Species - Panama
  • Conservation Evidence
    This website collates information on the effectiveness of conservation practice.
  • Conservation International
    Seeks to protect the Earth's natural living heritage and biodiversity.
  • The Coral Reef Alliance
    Helps keep coral reefs alive by supporting local coral reef conservation, using the power of coral reef tourism to protect coral reefs, and by educating people about coral reefs.
  • EcoEarth.Info
    A one of a kind Environment Portal - with genuine Internet search, cutting biocentric commentary, social network & constant news and link tracking - all dedicated to achieving global environmental sustainability.
  • Environmental Defense
    Environmental Defense is a leading national nonprofit organization representing more than 400,000 members that links science, economics and law to create innovative, equitable and cost-effective solutions to society's most urgent environmental problems.
  • Explore
    Explore shoots documentary films and photos that showcase world causes, including the evnironment.
  • Fishers for Conservation
    Fishers For Conservation Inc. (FFC) is an Australian based non-profit incorporated association educating, supporting and representing recreational fishers.
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
  • Greenpeace
    Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.
  • International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN)
    The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN), established in 2000, is a global partnership of coral reef experts who are working to halt and reverse the decline of the health of the world's coral reefs.
  • The LegaSea Project
    LegaSea Project aims to capture a broad range of marine species on 35mm motion picture film as well as create an archive and central repository for LegaSea footage and other ocean-related footage, films, photographs, books, research and literature.
  • Mangrove Action Project
    Partnering with mangrove forest communities, grassroots NGOs, researchers and local governments to conserve and restore mangrove forests and related coastal ecosystems, while promoting community-based, sustainable management of coastal resources.
  • Global Marine Litter Information Gateway
    A co-operative effort of the UNEP GPA Coordination Office and the UN International Maritime Organization that providse a clearing-house, and gateway, for supply and exchange of information on the global, regional and local problem of marine litter.
  • The Marine Aquarium Council
    Creates standards, educates, and certifies those engaged in the collection and care of ornamental marine life from reef to aquarium.
  • Marine Conservation Biology Institute
    Protecting the ocean through science and conservation advocacy.
  • The National Geographic Society
    Dedicated to exploring, protecting, and educating about the world's land and marine resources.
  • National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    Contains news, alerts and other critical information about the earth's oceans and atmosphere.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
    NASA's multi-media galleries have still, video and audio files of images collected by this agency.
  • The Nature Conservancy
    Works with communities, businesses and people to protect more than 92 million acres around the world.
  • The Ocean Conservancy
    The Ocean Conservancy's goal is to create healthy fish, water, wildlife, and ecosystems.
  • The Ocean Foundation
    A community foundation dedicated to the protection of ocean habitat and the ecosystems that support them. A portal for information on coral reef conservation and news.
  • Oceana
    Oceana's mission is to protect oceans by addressing destructive fishing practices and pollution.
  • The Ocean Portal
    Ocean Portal is a high-level directory of ocean data and information related web sites.
  • The Ocean Project
    An international network of aquariums, zoos, museums, and conservation organizations working to engage the public in the significance of the ocean.
  • Palm Beach County Reef Rescue
    Reef Rescue monitors, preserves and protects the coral reef ecosystem of South Florida through research, education and public awareness.
  • Raincoast Research Society
    Using partnered science to unleash the Salmon Forest's capacity to renew itself.
  • Reef Ball Foundation
    Reef Ball's works to restore the world's ocean ecosystems and to protect natural reef systems using artificial reef technology, coral propagation and public education.
  • Reef Check Foundation
    Dedicated to global coral education, monitoring and management.
  • The Reef Environmental Education Foundation
    An active organization of divers committed to the preservation of the marine environment.
  • ReefKeeper International
    An organization exclusively dedicated to the worldwide protection of coral reefs and their marine life.
  • Reef Relief
    An organization dedicated to preserving and protecting living coral reef ecosystems through local, regional and global efforts. Check out their image library.
  • Salmon Farm Protest Group
    The Salmon Farm Protest Group (SFPG) exists to protect the marine and freshwater environment from fish farm disease and pollution.
  • Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)
    An information resource on the cold-water coral ecosystems of the deep ocean.
  • Seacology
    Plays a role in preserving the vitally important yet very threatened terrestrial and marine ecosystems of islands throughout the world.
  • Seas the Day
    The Seas the Day initiative aims to encourage and empower people to begin taking ocean conservation personally.
  • SeaWeb
    Leading voices for a healthy ocean. Promoting conservation through social marketing and science.
  • SharkLife Conservation Organization
    Sharklife addresses the alarming exploitation of both shark populations and ocean fisheries in South African waters.
  • SkyTruth
    Using pictures taken from space and from the air to show the impacts of urban sprawl, mining, logging, oil and gas drilling, and other industrial operations.
  • Surfrider Foundation, USA
    Through membership the Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to protecting the oceans, waves and beaches.
  • United Nations Environment Programme
    The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), established in 1972, works to encourage sustainable development through sound environmental practices everywhere.
  • World Ocean Day
    World Ocean Day provides an opportunity each year to celebrate our ocean, reflect on the ocean’s importance in our lives, and take time to do something good for our blue planet.
  • World Resources Institute
    Moves human society to live in ways that protect Earth's environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.
  • The Worldwatch Institute
    An internet source and publication for cross-disciplinary, global environmental information.
  • World Wildlife Fund
    The largest privately supported international conservation organization in the world, the WWF protects endangered spaces, saves endangered species and addresses global threats.





Underwater Photo Equipment Manufacturers
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Digital Cameras
  • Nikon, Canon, and Olympus all offer digital cameras that can be used with housings. Check the retailers and companies on this site.
Digital Storage Chips
  • IBM Microdrives - available at most photo retailers
  • Lexar - www.lexar.com (1 gb and 512 mb compact flash cards) - Highly recommended - make sure you buy the Lexar firewire input.
Digital film scanners
Digital Photography Software
  • Canto - Cummulus 5.5 - Digital Image Management program - www.canto.com
  • Extensis Portfolio 6 - Digital Image Management program - www.extensis.com
  • Filemaker Pro - www.filemaker.com
  • Photoshop 7 - Adobe.com - essential for the serious digital photographer
  • Procreate - Knockout 2 - (eliminates background) - helpful in certain situations. www.procreate.com
Digital Sites - advice - reviews - education etc.
Reviews of digital cameras, printers and technical background on digital technology.
Forums about digital photography and useful Photoshop Actions available for download

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Portable Storage Devices - essential in the field to store and backup images


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  • ASMP (American Society of Media Professionals) www.asmp.com
  • NANPA (North American Nature Photogaphers Association) - nanpa.org  


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  • United States Copyright Office
    Here find source material on copyright law and intellectual property from the Library of Congress, as it applies to photos, electronic media, and more, may be found here.